1991   Polyplano Art Gallery, Athens

1993   Portraying Odysseus, House of Cyprus, Athens

1993   Portraying Odysseus, , 7th International Congress about Odyssey, Cultural Center, Ithaca

1994   Bays of Kea, Vourcariani Art Gallery, Vourcari, Kea Island

1995   Aegäisches Meer, Bilder und Worte, FFBIZ Gallerie, Berlin

1997   Geography – Island Mountains, Espace Kreonidis Gallery, Athens

1998   A painting tribute to Marcos Vamvacaris, Art Gallery Hermoupolis, Hermoupolis, Syros Island

2000   Les  Fleurs du Mal (Paintings about 15 poems of Charles Beaudelaire), Haritos Gallery, Athens

2001   In Public (Paintings 1966-2001), Melina Cultural Center, Municipality of Athens

2003   A Cross (Figures for an Anti-War Monument), Municipality of Kaisariani

2005   A Journey to Ithaca, a painting tribute to Cavafy, Skoufa Gallery, Athens

2006   Paintings, Municipal Gallery of Mykonos, Mykonos-Matoyanni

2012   A Journey to Freedom, a tribute to Andreas Embiricos, Michel Kakoyannis Center, Athens

2013   Paintings 2002-2013, Grigoriadis Art Gallery, Athens

2014   Dramas of Authority in historical poems of Cavafy, Gavrielides Bookstore, Athens

2014   A tribute to Cavafy, Katsigra City Art Gallery, Larissa

2015   A Journey to Freedom and drawings and 15 portraits of Mataroa, Cultural Center of National

Bank, Thessaloniki

2017   Dramas of Authority in Cavafy’s historical poems, 14th Cavafy Symposium, Biblioteca

Alexandrina, Egypt Alexandria

2018   Ode to the Sea Cliffs, Art Prisma Gallery, Piraeus

2019   Anna Filini From Cavafy’s world, Benaki Museum, Athens

2021   Painting homage to palingenesis Michel Kakoyannis Center, Athens

2022   Painting homage to palingenesis  Municipal  Gallery of Ioannina